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Monday, August 08, 2005

Wal-mart coning to town by Abdulaziz Mohammed

Wal- mart is one of the powerful shops in the U.S. everyday millions of people come to shop in America, because of the low price- with the same quality of the same product in other shops, but cheaper. Wal-Mart has a big effect on towns, especially the small ones. Like in manor the new Wal-Mart that will open in Carbondale, it makes the small shops go out of business; there are people who are against Wal-mart and people who are with Wal-mart.

In my opinion Wal-Mart is very good, because, in my case I’m student and I try to find cheaper things, and I think about my interests. It’s true that Wal-mart will take a lot of jobs from people but it gives people a better place to shop. I asked some students in SIU if they were mad about the new Wal-Mart opening in Carbondale, but the say that they always shop there because of the prices, also I asked an ex- Wal-mart worker and she said that they don’t give much money to the workers, but also she shops there, I really think that it is a good idea to open the new Wal-mart.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Interview with mayor of Murphysboro(Yojiro)

It is easy to critisize someone or to say opinions, because they don't have to do anything against a problem. The problem is how to cope with a problem. In this case, the person in the most difficult situation is mayor, because he has to manage his city's problem. So I decided to interview the mayor about the problem of new Wal-Mart.

According to Mr. Wiliams, mayor of Murphysboro, he is not awrare of any policy against encouraging a business to locate within a community, country, state or U.S., so long as the business is legal. In addition to setting this attitude as his basic policy, he says that sales tax revenue and jobs created by the local store are critical to the finances and well-being of Murphysboro. Some local businesses are concerned with development of a Super Center Wal-Mart. But Murphysboro has been home to a Wal-Mart store for over 25 years.


An Inteview with Mr.Maddox a Sociology Instructor in S.I.U

Interviewer: SungChun Wee

Interviewee: Gregory Maddox

Date: Aug/2/2005

Gregory Maddox is the supporter of Friend for Fair Growth which is against the new Wal-Mart as a social association.

The background of new Wal-Mart
-Because the new Wal-Mart wants to move to murphysboro, there are some different opinions between agreement and disagreement in its society. People who want to move the new Wal-Mart to Murphysboro insist that it help the region's economy by hiring many workers living in Murphysboro and giving its revenue to the county. But, people who are opposite to moving the new Wal-Mart to Murphysboro maintain that it's moving will increase the tax people living in Murphysboro should pay and spoil the regional economy. Because of this issue, Friends for Fair Growth, which is against the new Wal-Mart as a social association has showed their maintenance not to come to Murphysboro.

The contents of interview

1. What is Friends for Fair Growth's main purpose?
-They are trying to prevent the Wal-Mart corporation from building super Wal-Mart in the place where it is now. A lot of people think that the new Wal-Mart is not necessary. They are also concerned that actually the new Wal-Mart will not be able to help Murphysboro's economy because county residents should pay ten million dollars for the new Wal-Mart to build new highway and other facilities.

2. Why is Freinds for Fair Growth opposed to moving Wal-Mart to Murphysboro?
-First, There is primarily economic reasons. The Wal-Mart corporation says that The New-Wart supercenter generates the increasing tax revenue and job opportunity. But, that is incorrect. At another Murphysboro area, Wal-Mart corporation has already had a supercenter. If they only change the position of supercenter, it couldn't create extra tax revenue and job opportunity. Second, There is financial reasons. If new Wal-Mart comes to Murphysboro, they will need facilities for selling their product to customer. It'll take ten million dollars which is not paid by Wal-Mart but by people living in region.

3. If Wal-Mart really moves to the Murphysboro area, who will be damaged most?
-In my case, I'm living near the country club road where the new Wal-Mart will be built. So, I'm worried about the danger of traffic accident. supercenter will attract more people, cars and also make the county build a new highway.
Actually, Route 13 road is one of the most dangerous roads in IL. Every year, It has taken one hundred dollars to deal with a kind of traffic accident at that road. Definitely, neighbors living in the Country Club Road will be damaged very much.

4. What activities has Friends for Fair Growth done?
-Town meeting, to inform the particular information to county people, fund raising activities....I can't remember all of that.

5. Are there any good points if Wal-Mart moves to Murphysboro?
-One thing I hate about shopping at Wal-Mart is that I can't check out at Wal-Mart quickly. I usually wait to check out even though I buy only two or three products. If the new Wal-Mart is created, waiting time will decrease because it will be less crowded. But, actually I can't imagine good points. (as a kidding) At 3:00 a.m, If I want to buy coffee, I think, it is really helpful to me. It'll take only 20 minutes.

6. What has been the reaction of Murphysboro's neighbors about Friends for Fair Growth's activities?
-My answer is I don't know actually. Some facts showed that thousands of people signed to Friends for Fair Growth as supporting means. But, I'm not sure. I think it depends on who you ask.

My reaction
-After finishing my interview, I felt that the value of social stabilization is more important than desire of some company which is to make more money. The members of county have to be protected from the attack of mega size company because these members are ringleaders to have improved Murphysboro's county. I Mean social opinions in the county should be dealing with the most important value comparable to others. I suggest the policy makers of Murphysboro must obstruct the building of the new Wal-Mart in Murphysboro and respect their members' right.

Friday, July 29, 2005

An Interview with Kim manager of Wal-Mart of Murphysboro

Interviewer?Daisuke Yabuki

Interviewee?Kim (store manager of Wal-Mart in Murphysboro)


Back ground

Since the media broadcast news about new Wal Mart in Murphysboro,there have been several objections to the plan.The site is at the east end of Murphysboro. So the local shops which are located in the west end of Carbodndale are thought to be affected by the new Wal Mart. I had a concern about new Wal Mart's strategy. What do they think of the struggles of local shops? I went to see and ask questions to Kim,manager of Wal Mart of Murphjysboro on July 29,2005


Q1.Would you close this store?

A1.Yes, we will close this store. Actually we will move to the New Wal-Mart site.

Q2.What is the reason to move this store.

A2.To expand business.

Q3.Did you have conflict from other small shops when you put this store here?

A3.No, we didn’t have them.

Q4.Do you think New-Wal mart will hurt the small shops in the area? If so, what is the most important thing for the
New Wal Mart to win relationship?

A4.Yes, but it is OK because this is competition.

Q5.Where will you open New-Wal Mart?

A5.It is at the east end of Murphysboro.

Q6.Where do you put the borderline which divides the customers consumption area with New-Wal-Mart in Murphysboro and Wal-Mart in Carbondale.

A6.It is route 51.

Q7Do you share customers well with Wal Mart in Carbondale?

A7.Yes, it is no problem.

Q8After you move what will this facility be used for?

A8. I do not know but we lease this facility.

Q9.What do you think of the reflection for local people?

A9.It is good for them because their choices increase.They have more variety.

Q10. What do you think of the efflect on the fast food store which is located next to you?

A10. Mc' Donald's will move and we have a plan to open a subway in the New Wal-Mart.

Q11.So is it a kind of combination?


Q12 Who will the new Wal-Mart draw?

A12.It is a person who works in head office.

Q13 Did they do a survey?


Q14 Will you be a manager of the New Wal-Mart?

A14.Yes, I will. We will just move this store.

Q15. When will you move this store?

A15.I do not know exactly when but it is next year.

Q16.Did you talk with the mayor of murphysboro about your moving?

A16.Yes I did. The city expect moe tax income.

Monday, July 25, 2005

When Wal-Mart comes to town

This article talks about the impact of Wal-Mart in small towns. At first Wall-Mart has a good way to make business, they deal with Chinese products, it has the same quality but less price, when other companies sell the same products but with a higher price. Which make the costumers buy from Wal-Mart. Second the works are left without jobs which leaves the people upset on this matter more. Last the effect of the land value & traffic, if Wal-Mart opens branches in urban town the traffic gets too crowded around the place at the same time the land value falls. The people won't be happy if a company like Wal-Mart opens near their business.

I really was shocked when I read this article, because I didn't know this was that serious, my point of view is I have no problem with Wal-Mart coming to town, for me as a student I need less costly products. If they sell the same item in less price why wouldn't I buy it? Yes it does effect the other shops & some people's jobs, but am looking for my own interest. If people don't want Wal-Mart why buy from them that will keep other business alive, business is business, the shops should know that, & they have to get into business by selling less then Wal-Mart.

Thank you.

Friday, July 22, 2005

County considers anti-Wal-Mart resolution(Wee)

The article says citizen organization started the anti-activities about moving the Wal-Mart supercenter to the area of Murphysboro. Friends for Fair Growth, organization of anti-Wal-Mart, has been supported by citizen, shows several activities which is preparing to fight with wal-mart.(such as a garage sale)citizen organization is opposed to Wal-Mart's moving because of problems of economical unbalance in region and traffic consqestion. About this activities, Ron Williams, the mayor of Murphysboro, once thought negatively in terms of economical parts. If Wal-Mart move to Murphysboro, the government of Murphysboro will get more tax revenue. But, he changed his thought to protect Murphysboro own economy as listening about citizen's anti opinions to wal-mart.

When I first saw this article, I felt little strange why Murphysboro's citizen don't want to moving Wal-Mart to that area. Because A big company usually contributes to support regional economy by adhiring people who is living in region or giving their money to the regional government as a tax. But, in this case, I think Wal-Mart will interrupt the economy of medium and small traders without supporting Murphysboro's economy. Because the another wal-mart iocated in Carbondale is so close to the area for new Wal-Mart. Defenitely, I agree with Friends for Fair Growth opinion because regional economy is more important than big company's revenue.

written by Wee

Huge retail stores not necessarily bad

This article says that gopvernment should not help the small business Because of nature of captalism. Small businesses have to adjust their business so that they can success.In the article, theJOnathan Bean, an associate history professor of SIU, said that the cause of controvesy is attributed goverment's policy that the small business should be helped because they are bockbone of democrasy. In the capitalism society, only strong businnesses can survive.

I disagree with the idea of the article because of following reasons. First, government can help small business if the capitalism does not seem to work well because of one big business. Second, government should consider the people who will not be able to work. If the most residents were against to walmart,they should do something.It is the role of the government to reflect their opinion.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Article (Wee)

The title of my article is County considers anti-wal-mart resolution

an article about Wal-Mart(Aziz)

An article “When Wal Mart Comes to Town” tell us interesting issue.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Wal-Mart shocks to the small shops (Daisuke)

"Current and proposal Wal Mart store along Route 13 corrior" copied from Daily Egyptian June 23,2005 Vol.90,No.163
This article “Wal-Mart sings contract with site owner” tell us interesting issue about new Wal-Mart's loacation.According to this news, the site owner, Cliff Mills signed a contract to sell his land to Wal Mart.His property is at Country club Road and Highway 13.There have been debated about Wal-Mart since the idea was introduced in Feburualy 2004.Scott said that "Wal-Mart would drive out small business is totally Though Gene Basanta ,a member of Friends For Fair Growth which was formed to opposed to the store,said "smaller stores like those in Murdale Shopping Center,3.4 miles from the proposed site,would most likely lose business and evntually be forced to close" Murphysboro Nayor Ron William ,a supporter of the Superenter hopes to change the territory which is not within the city but within the county to gain the sales taxes.

There are a lots of interest and dis-interest for people who concerns to the new Wal Mart.I think Wal Mart would have enouh reason to open new store.According to the image of this article,it shows current and proposal Wal Mart store along Route 13 corrior.I think it also shows conumers territory which people move comfortably.In my observation they can expect the a lot of sonsummers and benefits.So,they will be succeed in business.Murphysboro city mayor think about sales tax income from new Wal-Mart.Some peopole already showed the anti new Wal Mart slogan.Certainly they like small shops in Murdale Shopping Center will be face wiht the serious in business.Unfortunately Madale shopping Center is located in Carbondale.So,the store manageres may be difficult to ask Murphysboro city goverment not to permit the new Wal Mart.I anxiety anout the economical life of store manager and workes in the name of progress as Mills said.Carbondale city goverment may be ought to suggest some support for those small shops.

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